Email Marketing

A robust email strategy is one of the most effective marketing tactics to 
increase ROI and connect with audiences

Bring focus, scope and ROI to your marketing automation campaigns

Using marketing automation tactics, you can use your content as a salesperson. Guide your prospect through their buyer’s journey, serving up targeted content that speaks to them at each stage of their funnel. We’ll help you determine targets and segments, campaign logic, and help analyze results with benchmarks and reporting. 

Share your thought leadership and web content through email newsletters

Sharing branded email newsletters is an effective way to stay top-of-mind with your contacts and to share your quality content, helping your leads to connect the dots from their challenges and your solutions. Drive traffic and brand awareness with carefully crafted newsletter sends.  

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Speak to your leads with sophisticated email nurture campaigns

email nurture campaign example

Through strategic planning and content creation, Brandpoint will write and design a series of emails focused on moving your leads through your sales funnel as quickly as possible. These campaigns can focus on specific industries, job positions or other segments that would be beneficial to your brand.  

Branded email creation for any situation

From promotional emails to event registration, our creative services team have the experience to create emails that will get opened and CTAs that will get clicked.  

branded email campaigns example

Use A/B testing to learn about your audience habits

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A/B testing elements like formatting of your email layout, CTA placements and subject line content can help guide future email sends. We’ll help you design A/B testing sends throughout your email campaigns and adjust strategy going forward.    

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