Digital Banking Services Delivers a New Website for The Credit Union of Texas in Less Than One Month

Learn how Brandpoint helped DBS deliver a high volume of content in under one month for an important go-live launch date. 

Digital Banking Services (DBS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Credit Union of Texas, which acts as an agency focused on digital transformation on behalf of the credit union. Their goal as an organization is to provide an exceptional customer experience in every interaction, digital and physical.

The DBS team had just hired a new Director of Digital Strategy, Taylor Richardson, and one of the first projects she worked on was a completely new website. The previous site had very little content to work with and the content that had been developed was not engineered with SEO impacts in mind.

As Taylor and her team began the search for qualified vendors, she realized that she would need to work with a trusted partner that could take the strategy and vision outlined by her team, fill in any additional gaps and run with it. This would require strong project management, writing and financial services industry knowledge. Additionally, Brandpoint had to deliver a large quantity of content to DBS in order for their site to go live and index from day one. 

“Brandpoint’s strength is writing for consumers. Bankers often write for bankers, but Brandpoint’s writers are able to take a dry and complex topic and create content for your website people actually want to read.”

Taylor Richardson
Director of Digital Strategy, Digital banking services

Project Goals

Create content that delivers SEO benefits

Brandpoint delivered a content plan against an already developed content strategy. One of the most important elements was the delivery of industry specific content that was consistent with the DBS brand guidelines, as well as optimized for search.

Deliver quality content against a tight go-live deadline

Tasked with the website re-design project, the DBS team needed to find a partner that could take on the bulk of the content creation and editing work, so they could focus their time on mission critical tasks important to their project deadlines. They knew they needed a partner that could produce quality content in a timely and concise manner.

Consolidation of Writers

The DBS team was using freelance writers to create content for their website. This approach lead the team to multiple hours of editing and revisions in order to get content that was up to their brand's standards and met industry guidelines.

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