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Social media is the best way to grow your audience, engage your prospects and increase brand loyalty

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Each social media channel has distinct user profiles and best practices

Understanding your audience, their purchase decisions, and where they look for information can greatly impact the return on your social media investment.

For B2B companies, LinkedIn is going to be a much more effective channel than Facebook. LinkedIn users are generally networking professionals looking for resources on the behalf of their companies; if you’re trying to sell t-shirts, LinkedIn is not likely to deliver results.

For B2C companies, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are much better for engaging new prospects. Their users are searching for entertainment, products for personal use and social interaction.

Like a good content strategy, a social media strategy needs to take into account your business objectives, the resources at your disposal, your buyer personas and their respective c ustomer journeys.

Brandpoint’s multi-channel campaigns will make your dreams come true

We look at your historical data to determine which social media platforms your most engaged prospects come from. We’ll look at your conversion funnel and come up with custom campaigns that reach your largest, most engaged audience.

Whether you want to use your internal resources to execute on your strategy or enlist Brandpoint’s team, we’ll help you identify KPIs, set benchmarks, and measure the results of your engagement. Brandpoint’s creative team develops custom written and graphic content that matches your brand personality for every channel.

As with all marketing activities, there’s always an opportunity to improve and optimize your strategy.

Brandpoint has been helping clients grow and engage their audiences for over 20 years, and that’s exactly what we pledge to do for you.

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