Social Media Strategy and Management

Everyone knows they should be using social media to grow their business, but there’s a huge difference between posting on social media and using content to actively engage your audience.

Sure, you can start posting cat videos on Facebook, but if your target audience primarily uses LinkedIn and 90 percent of them have dogs, there’s a good chance your efforts will be ineffective.Brandpoint Social Media Strategy Image

Like a good content strategy, a social media strategy needs to take into account your business objectives, the resources at your disposal, your buyer personas and their respective customer journeys.

At Brandpoint, we begin by learning about your business; identifying your goals, sales cycle, marketing activities and competitors. Our social media specialists then analyze your current web content, social media profiles, and your overall web presence to identify all opportunities to reach your target audience.

Once complete, we present our insights and incorporate them into a well-documented plan of action to make the best use of your resources.

Whether you want to use your internal resources to execute on your strategy or enlist Brandpoint’s team, we’ll help you identify KPIs, set benchmarks, and measure the results of your engagement.

As with all marketing activities, there’s always an opportunity to improve and optimize your strategy.

Brandpoint has been helping clients grow and engage their audiences for over 20 years, and that’s exactly what we pledge to do for you.

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