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True search engine optimization (SEO) involves manipulating parts of a website users can see, such as on-page content, keywords and images, as well as behind-the-scenes elements like the structure of your site, page speed and how your content is delivered.

Even if you publish the best content on the web, a site that is littered with technical issues will keep your content from ranking higher in search engines and getting the traffic and conversions it deserves.

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Brandpoint’s technical SEO audit reveals the errors and issues on your site. We then consult on how to fix the issues or do the repairs for you. Here are some of the factors we analyze and improve:

Technical SEO – Improve search engine crawlability of your website

We look at site speed, link structure, schema markup, redirects, 404 errors and other issues to determine what is keeping your website from getting properly crawled by search engines and what needs repair.

Example of a technical SEO audit report.

Metadata – Optimize how your web pages appear in search results, on social media and to users with disabilities

With a content and keyword strategy in place, we’ll enhance the metadata behind your web pages, write descriptions that entice users to click and update necessary data elements that make your website findable.

On-page SEO – Making your content look good to search engines and users alike

Older content may go stale and move down in search engine position. To improve its performance, we’ll conduct extensive research, then optimize your content by improving its readability and comprehensiveness to make it more valuable to readers. We’ll also include critical elements such as keywords, links and graphics.

Web Development – Enhance user experience and repair front-end issues of your website

A poor website experience is detrimental—it can lower the click-through-rate of your content and reduce conversion opportunities. A strong website will be easy to navigate and give users all the information they need. We repair front-end development issues as well as improve the UX and aesthetic of your site.

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