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Understanding your audience is the first step to reaching them

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Understanding your audience will help you write more targeted content that attracts the type of people most valuable to your business. In order for your digital content strategy to be effective, you have to know where your audience is, what goals and issues they have, which content formats are most engaging to them, and  how they make purchase decisions.

Brandpoint identifies the perfect message, channels, formats for your audience

Using information from a combination of sources including artificial intelligence, stakeholder or customer interviews, website analytics and good old-fashioned research, we find answers to these 3 questions:

Who is your audience?

Brandpoint will use the variety of tools at our disposal to paint a vivid picture of who your current and ideal audiences are.

Where is your audience?

In addition to identifying their geographical location (if desired), we’ll pinpoint which social media platforms, forums, browsers and devices your audience uses most frequently. This information is critical to developing an effective content strategy.

What content do they find engaging?

In many cases, we use artificial intelligence to identify what content your audience likes best. We analyze what images they share or like most often, assign them a personality archetype and determine which topics will generate the most interest.

After we answer these questions, our strategists can begin topic generation, rebranding initiatives, influencer and social media marketing. Depending on your needs, we’ll create a robust, data-driven content strategy for your organization that will set you up for long term success.

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