Premium MAT Release Services

Elevate your MAT release with more paid media opportunities

Our Premium MAT Release includes the best parts of a MAT release:

1,000 online placements on top media sites
125 million total impressions
Print placements in the top daily and weekly newspapers

Now, we’re bundling your MAT release with our most effective paid-media tactics, making it possible to get your content on more sites and seen by the people that matter most to your brand.


Brandpoint's Premium MAT Release with Online Placements, Social Engagement and Targeted Website Traffic

Brandpoint’s new Premium MAT Release gives you:

Advanced targeting

Looking to target one specific region? The Premium MAT Release allows you to target down to the area code anywhere in the country and clock thousands of website visitors from valuable sites.

Content Amplification

We partner with multiple content discovery platforms to drive traffic and better post-click engagement. With the Premium MAT Release, Amplification fuels your MAT release with powerful paid tactics to put your content all over the internet.

High-quality content

The best paid media tactics in the world won’t be much help if your content lacks power. Brandpoint writers and editors have an average of 12 years’ experience and are MAT release experts. They’ll make sure your content is worth reading, reflects your brand voice and engages readers for a successful MAT release that gets views.


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