Brandpoint uses the best tools to manage the intense but essential details of your website’s structured data

Schema. Meta titles, tags and descriptions. Microdata. Rich snippets. It’s all part of the digital sub-world known as structured data, and it’s essential to helping the search engines find you so that traffic can come to your web pages and blogs.

Simply enough, structured data talks to the major search engines and helps them more easily understand the information on your website, so they can present better search results for their customers. Properly marked up structured data organizes and summarizes your content, tells the search engines what your pages are about, and makes sure your content gets indexed easily and efficiently. This brings more viewers to your content.

But how do you make sense of it all? Can you just do it yourself? And how can you make it work to your advantage?

The answers start with this: You don’t have to have a complete understanding of structured data. That’s what Brandpoint’s content strategists are for. These SEO professionals perform essential in-depth analysis and then use a suite of techniques and tools, including Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, along with writing all the code necessary, to ensure that your content’s structured data is optimized for Google and the other major search engines.

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