SEO and Content Marketing

Search engine optimization forms the core of your content marketing strategy. Whether it’s website content, blog writing, social media content and posts, articles, or any other content marketing message, the right keywords must live at the heart of what is being written.

Our SEO strategists work to move your website higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS) by identifying the keywords and phrases that your target audience is focusing on. This organic traffic is your most valuable.

Sure, most companies can make educated guesses at which keywords are important. But it takes a true SEO pro to dive in and do the heavy-lifting analytics it takes to uncover the truth behind your best keywords … and then create a plan to put them to work for you. This attracts more users to your website, blog pages and other content, which in turn results in more leads, and a number of those leads will ultimately end up as conversions or sales.

SEO Research

SEO is serious business for your business’s success. That’s why Brandpoint’s SEO optimization strategists take keyword research and strategy to a deep level of insight and detail. In an SEO Strategy, we will:

  • Analyze your competition’s keyword usage
  • Audit your site for current best practices, and recommend updates
  • Identify the preferred keywords and phrases that will help the search engines find you
  • Sift down to the best words, terms and combinations to raise your SERP rank
  • Build your keyword strategy based on your industry, consumer base and goals
  • Help you follow up-to-date SEO practices that today’s search engines reward

SEO Optimization

We can create an SEO Strategy for you to implement, then guide you on the way. Or we can develop an SEO Strategy that will be one element in a comprehensive content marketing program, which we can implement for you, including content creation that leverages the keyword intelligence.

We make SEO optimization and implementation simple by focusing on utilizing keywords in appropriate ways in page titles, meta descriptions, and headings within the page structure. Our deliverables provide a clear path towards increasing your organic traffic!