Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new marketing: Attract customers,

establish trust and credibility, drive sales

You need to generate more business from your website. But how do you generate traffic, find potential customers, provide information they need, build credibility and make consumers turn to you when it’s time to buy? It’s called content marketing, and it really is the new marketing.

Nine out of 10 people search online for solutions and answers (not company names) before making a product or service purchase decision. But today’s consumer ignores banner and sponsored advertising: Seven out of every 10 clicks are from organic links, not paid ones. That’s where you need to be. Search engines reward original, relevant and frequently updated content.

How do you create this stream of quality, keyword-optimized, SEO-oriented content when you have a business to run? Turn to Brandpoint content marketing services:

  • Content Strategy – We get to know you, your customers and your goals, then create a complete search and content marketing strategy unique to your business and situation.
  • SEO Services – Brandpoint content marekting strategists conduct keyword research to identify the SEO words and phrases consumers use to find you.
  • Website Content – Work directly with our experienced (average: 12+ years) in-house web and SEO writers to have them create the optimized content you need to attract and engage your target customer, and establish yourself as the trusted expert to buy from.
  • Blog Content – You probably don’t have time to write a blog regularly enough to impact search engines or create value for readers. Brandpoint blog writers will learn your business and do it for you.
  • Social Media Content – Managing social media is ongoing. Brandpoint’s social media writing services (Facebook, Twitter and beyond) help you interact with your audience and build valuable inbound links.
  • Article and Whitepaper Writing – Our professional, on-staff journalists write entertaining lifestyle articles and informative whitepapers that tell your brand story but don’t sound like sales pitches.
  • Marketing Content – We create the press releases, newsletters, mobile content and e-mail marketing efforts you need to round out your content strategy.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Content marketing produces measurable results. Brandpoint monitors all analytics related to your campaign, then regularly reports on key performance results. See the return on your content investment.
  • Success Stories – Review case studies from a selection of happy, satisfied Brandpoint clients.

Quality is at the root of everything Brandpoint does. From creating your content marketing strategy to conducting SEO keyword research and writing your fresh stream of website content, blogs, social media and articles, you’re placing your trust with in-house, on-staff professionals – real folks – right here in the U.S.

In fact, we GUARANTEE your satisfaction with your content marketing campaign, or we will refund your investment. It’s that simple. How can we make such a bold money back guarantee? Confidence. With Brandpoint, you work directly with our on-staff writers, so your messaging is spot-on and you get results. We’ve been working with the world’s biggest brands, and clients of all sizes, since 1996. And our proprietary content workflow platform makes reviewing, approving and posting content a breeze for you.

Quality is the Brandpoint difference. Our content marketing services create website traffic, build your brand, create new customers and drive sales. Click to contact a Brandpoint representative or call 877-374-5270 to get content working for you.

Video Transcription

You want to drive more business to your website. And you know getting more search traffic would really help. Because nine out of 10 consumers search online before making a purchase. And the easier it is for people to find you, the more traffic, leads and sales you can earn. So, it’s kind of important.Okay. So maybe you pay for a top spot. But did you that know 7 out of 10 links clicked are actually organic? It’s no secret: People know that people pay for this space, and earn this space.

So, let’s say you show up here when people search for your company. But before you throw a desk party, what if people never heard of you before? What if they’re searching for something else? Like a product you provide? Like the very reason you’re in business?

Let’s recap. If 90% of people use search, they search for solutions to problems, not a company name, and 70% of them click on organic links, your first online marketing dollar should probably be spent on getting you here, when people search stuff like this, right?

So, how does your business get in front of searchers and drive them to your site? Well, search rewards websites that provides fresh, relevant content. And hey, consumers like useful information, too. In fact, they’re more likely to buy from companies that provide it. So it sounds like content is the answer.

There you go, you’re welcome. Now get started! Just kidding.

Here’s where the folks at Brandpoint come in. They’re techie and wordy people who are experts at content marketing. That means they know the best practices for using original, relevant content to help you drive more traffic to your website.

But it’s more than just having the best content. There’s strategy to this stuff, too. Brandpoint gets to know you, what you’re all about and who your customers are. They develop a search and content strategy that’s unique to your business, and build out a plan to deliver a steady stream of valuable content to your website that attracts and engages your target customer, propels you as an industry expert and drives more business.

Drive results with Brandpoint content marketing.