Premium MAT Release

Supercharge your MAT Release with valuable web traffic, enhanced analytics and guaranteed placements.

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Everything you love about the traditional MAT Release ... plus more!


Get guaranteed eyeballs on your branded content, whether it lives on your website or on a top-tier media site.

Audience Targeting

Reach your desired target audience — from gender to ethnicity, job title to income range, and much more.

Publisher Network

Providing more digital promotion to gain more guaranted placements and click-throughs.

Top-Tier Publishers

What Does Premium MAT's Amplification Include?

How does this work?

  • Targeted readers will engage with your content on your site or on top media outlets 
  • You can choose to direct your audience to a top-tier publisher website or to your brand’s website
  • Traffic and engagement with your content is guaranteed

What results can I expect?

  • Guaranteed minimum of 3,000 clicks
  • Average of 4,000 to 4,500 clicks
  • Guaranteed engagement metrics — defined as minimum 30 seconds user time spent

The Premium MAT Release is Powered by Amplification

By distributing your content with Brandpoint’s Premium MAT Release, you’re guaranteed to drive outcomes, provide metrics and drive engagement to your target audience. This content amplification service includes:

  • Access to our industry-leading distribution network
  • Customized consultative assistance
  • Results-based analytics
  • Guaranteed metrics, such as traffic, placements and engagement rates
  • An opportunity to control your brand’s message online
  • A choice of two ways to promote your content: on a top-tier media website or on your brand’s website
  • Opportunities for social media engagement
Literacy Matters article on SF Gate

Ready to see these results for your campaigns?

Premium MAT Release with Social Media Amplification

Instagram Amplification

Another Flavor of Premium MAT Amplification

The Premium MAT Release with Social Media Amplification can help you gain access to well-known news outlet’s Facebook and Instagram audiences to boost your brand’s content.

How does this work?

  • Choose one or more of the following publishers: SF Gate, Houston Chronicle and Seattle Post-Intelligencer
  • Your client’s MAT Release is promoted on those publisher Facebook or Instagram pages
  • Drive targeted readers to your content on premium media sites or to your brand website

What results can I expect?

  • This program drives social engagement (average of 5,000 to 7,000 engagements – that’s likes, shares, comments, reactions, clicks, views, etc.)
  • Measure engaged views – defined as minimum 30 seconds user time spent
  • The Facebook Handshake Campaigns are providing 3 times better click-through rates than standard Facebook ads

What's the difference between the Premium MAT Release and the traditional MAT Release?

Benefits MAT Release Premium MAT Release Premium MAT Release + Social Media Amplification
Guaranteed media placements
Guaranteed audience metrics
Multiple content formats including articles,
video, infographics and more
No multipliers used
Top-tier placements (LA Times, Houston Chronicle,
New York Daily News and more)
Choice of guaranteed traffic
to your website or premium media sites
Social Engagement on Facebook and Instagram
Advanced targeting, such as by income, gender,
age, ethnicity, work industry, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You will still receive more than 1,000 print and online media placements.

Yes! You will still receive more than 1,000 print and online media placements.

No, your content is promoted to the Facebook and Instagram fans and followers of the publisher(s) that meet your specific targeting criteria.

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