Premium MAT Release

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Amplify Your MAT Release to Reach More Audiences

Our Premium MAT Release offers everything you love about the MAT Release, plus more. Including social media options, engagement strategies and advanced targeting choices, these NEW amplification options will help produce the outcomes you need to deliver success for your clients’ campaigns.

As with our original MAT release, you’ll enjoy our industry-leading media distribution network. Print and online media placements of the MAT Release will be shared through our top-tier publisher network including Columbus Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and many more.

Choose one or all three of the options below to create a package that fits your clients’ needs.

Create the Perfect Plan

Owned Media Amplification

Drive guaranteed traffic to your owned media website. With a wide variety of audience targeting available, we can deliver qualified traffic to your client’s site.

Publisher Amplification

Earn guaranteed engagement metrics, driving traffic to your content hosted on premium media sites. This includes high-level audience targeting and an opportunity for a multimedia presentation.

Social Amplification

Utilize Facebook Handshake Campaigns to promote your content to media sites’ fans and followers, driving meaningful social outcomes like engagement and Facebook referral traffic to your content on premium media sites. ​

Elevate your MAT release with even more paid media opportunities

As the media industry has evolved over the years, we’ve upgraded our services to grow along with it. Engagement, social media and consumers’ changing views on sponsored content have led us to update our Premium MAT release offerings to make sure we’re giving you exactly what you’re looking for. (You can’t be in the media industry since 1996 without changing a little, right?)

The Premium MAT combines our flagship MAT release with some of the best targeting, amplification and mobile marketing in the industry. Our sophisticated sponsored content tactics combined with a writing team averaging 14 years of experience mean we’re a marketing partner that can help make your clients’ campaigns a success.

Premium MAT Release Benefits

High-Level Targeting

Get as detailed as you want with the targeting options available, from location to interest to device, to ensure the right people are looking at your clients' content.

Social Media Marketing

See amazing engagement and traffic by using Facebook Handshake Campaigns, which provide 3x higher CTRs compared to standard Facebook ads.

Guaranteed Traffic

Earn over 3,000 clicks when your content is promoted on special interest and news sites, driving users back to either the publisher or your client’s site.

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