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Get your sponsored content in front of millions of readers with a Brandpoint MAT Release

A MAT release is a branded, consumer-facing article that is distributed to a network of print and online news publishers.

These articles allow brands to leverage their own content and the credibility of third-party media companies while reaching consumers on the local news sites they frequent daily. We can generate up to 950 total placements, and your brand will have the potential to reach an audience of more than 240 million on desktop and mobile devices.

Brandpoint's MAT Distribution Capabilities

Distribution Network

For over a decade, we’ve developed strong content partnerships with weekly and daily newspaper publications and other online media sites.

Targeted Audiences

You can focus your distribution based on geographic location, device, demographics and interests to make sure the right people see your content.

High-Quality Reporting

Access to a dashboard reporting your distribution results, including the amount of media placements and the site audience your content earned.


Listicle distribution is one of the most popular sponsored content tactics and takes the same format as the most popular content sites on the web, like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.


Brandpoint works with hundreds of digital publishers who understand the power of visual content to design and distribute high-quality infographics.

Branded Video

More than 90 percent of people say that watching a video about a product helps with the decision-making process. We can help document and distribute them for your campaigns.

Spanish Language Distribution

Our Hispanic distribution network consists of U.S.-based Hispanic news sites, as well as daily and weekly newspaper sites.

Pharma Distribution

Our MAT releases follow all important regulation guidelines, include Important Safety Information text and won't be edited by a publication once the legal review is complete.

In-House Writers

Our writing team has years of experience writing lightly branded content for many industries that editors will find useful, readers will click and your clients will love.

Our content distribution network contains the largest selection of media sites in the industry.

How can we deliver massive audience numbers every single time? We partner with the largest collection of media sites in the industry, creating the biggest content distribution network you can find.

For over a decade, we’ve developed content partnerships with weekly and daily print and online newspapers and other online media sites. The majority of these partnerships are exclusive to Brandpoint. The breadth of our media network allows us to cater to niche audiences that are in high demand.

If you’re looking to blend powerful MAT release results along with sophisticated native advertising and sponsored content, you’re in luck.

Brandpoint’s Premium MAT Release combines our flagship MAT release with some of the best targeting, content amplification and mobile marketing you can find.

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