Expert Series

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See how the Expert Series helps you share your thought leadership

As a thought leader in your industry, you want to share your perspective and expertise. But, how do you get your voice to stand out above the rest to showcase your brand’s knowledge and unique value?

Expert Series accomplishes these business goals through the creation and distribution of bylined articles and video content, as well as with strategic social advocacy plays. See how:

About Brandpoint’s Expert Series process

Brandpoint will produce an interview video or bylined article from an expert at your company, then distribute this content to our network of premium news media sites for guaranteed placement. By including the Expert Series in your marketing plans, you’ll be able to leverage the credibility and implied endorsement of these relevant and credible media sites to enhance your brand via social media. Gain additional buzz by sharing these media placements on your social networks, email campaigns and other channels. 

Expert Series Benefits

High-Quality Online Distribution

Publication in sites like LA Times and New York Daily News.

Social Media Engagement

Share these postings on your channels for increased social advocacy.

Strong Thought Leadership

Share your unique innovation story to help you stand out in your industry.

With our Expert Series video offering, we’ll produce a high-quality editorial video that will include an interview with an expert from your company and will be distributed to select prestigious news sites for placement.

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