the state of digital marketing for the manufacturing industry 2023

The State of Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry in 2023 [Research Report]

We have joined forces with Drive Research to undertake our second annual research report on marketing for the manufacturing industry in 2023. By surveying a diverse group of over 200 manufacturing marketers from organizations of different sizes and market positions, we gained valuable insights into the current state of their digital marketing departments.

We looked at six topics:

  • The structure and knowledge level of marketing teams in the manufacturing industry
  • Budget changes and third-party agency usage
  • Measuring the success of digital marketing
  • Effective tactics in marketing strategies and which benefits marketers see as a result
  • Common challenges that manufacturing marketers face in their organization and in the industry
  • Upcoming trends in the marketing industry

Key findings from this report:

  • 3 in 5 do not anticipate any change in their overall marketing budget in the next year
  • 61% expect digital display advertising spend to increase the most, followed closely by social media marketing at 59%
  • Two-thirds of manufacturing marketers reported their digital marketing was at least somewhat effective
  • Increasing sales and website traffic were indicated as the top benefits of digital marketing
  • The greatest challenges for manufacturing marketers is keeping up with the competition, tied with demonstrating the value of products and services
This research will help marketers in the manufacturing industry see what common trends align with their efforts and how other organizations view digital marketing. The report will also provide marketing agencies with a vital look into what challenges manufacturing clients are facing and what can be done to make their strategies more effective.

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