The Ultimate Guide to Mastering The Modern MAT Release [eBook]

Long before the days of digital marketing, the MAT release was the key Guaranteed Media Placement solution for helping marketers reach a mass audience.

Once limited to a print newspaper article, the MAT release has transformed into a critical digital solution with varying formats (infographics, video, slideshows, etc.) and robust targeting options. This variety of content formats makes MAT releases a flexible solution to help resolve a variety of needs.

From planning, to writing, to distribution, this is your free, in-depth resource for making the most of the modern MAT release.

What’s inside the eBook:

  • What the MAT release is (and isn’t)
  • Why MAT releases work
  • Tips for choosing the right content format
  • Print vs. online MAT releases and the benefits of each medium
  • 8 how-to strategies for making the most of your content

Considered the predecessor to what we now think of as sponsored content, the MAT release is still the leading form of Guaranteed Media Placement and one of the most powerful PR tools for the largest (and smallest) agencies across the country.

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