Mastering The Modern MAT Release

Are you making the most of the modern MAT release?

From planning, to writing, to distribution, this guide is the A-Z resource for the modern MAT release.

What’s inside:

  • What the MAT release is (and isn’t) and why it still works
  • 13 how-to strategies for making the most of your content
  • Tips on creating compelling visual elements
  • Powerful local, regional, national and Hispanic distribution tactics

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In an era of saturated commercialism, consumers are suffering from advertising fatigue like never before. Banner blindness, the affliction which killed the banner ad, is now migrating toward content and brands and marketers are struggling to cut through the marketing noise. Earned media is getting harder to secure and consumers are quickly becoming more fragmented and harder to reach.

A cornerstone of public relations and marketing for many years, these consumer-friendly articles have not only stood the test of time, but are more powerful than ever.

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