The State of Content Marketing for Financial Services in 2021

The State Of Content Marketing For Financial Services in 2021 [Research Report]

We partnered with Drive Research to conduct our third annual research report to learn about the state of content marketing for financial services in 2021. We asked over 400 financial marketers from all types of organizations how they felt about their current content marketing strategy and what the next year looks like for them.

We looked at five topics:

  • The structure and knowledge level of marketing teams in financial services
  • Budget changes and third-party agency usage
  • Effective tactics in marketing strategies and which benefits marketers see as a result
  • Common challenges that financial marketers face in their organization and in the industry
  • Upcoming trends in the marketing industry

Key findings from this year's report:

  • 61% of financial service marketers plan to increase spend on social media marketing
  • Reaching a targeted audience and customer relationship building are considered the largest benefits of content marketing
  • The inability to stay consistent across channels was indicated as the top challenge that financial service marketers expect to face
  • Engaging with customers in real time was the biggest trend financial marketers expect in the next five years

Along with the results found in the year’s survey, this resource also documents significant changes in answers that were cited in the 2019 report. This research will help marketers in the financial industry to see what common trends align with their efforts and how other organizations view content marketing. The report will also provide marketing agencies with a vital look into what challenges financial services clients are facing and what can be done to make their strategies more effective.

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