The Content Marketing Operating System Workbook

The Content Marketing Operating System (CMOS) Workbook is a companion piece for the award-winning Content Marketing Operating System that helps marketing professionals plan and execute a successful content marketing program from start to finish. Created as a guide during the Marketers’ Community “Content That Works” working session in 2021, this workbook provides information for content experts to organize, assess, measure and form their content marketing efforts while planning, executing and doing periodic assessments.

In this workbook, you’ll find tools that will help you instantaneously. These tools include:

  • Content Marketing Goals and Metrics Form
  • Marketing Scorecard
  • Audience Questions Worksheet
  • Keyword Opportunities Template
  • Core Content Strategy Statement Template
  • And more!

We created the CMOS Workbook to give you direct access to valuable templates, useful forms and helpful guides to use during, and after, the working session.

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