Content Engagement

November 22, 2017
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Content engagement means that an audience is consuming content and taking some sort of measurable action such as liking, sharing, watching, clicking or commenting. This has become more important as digital marketing becomes a bigger piece of overall marketing strategies.

Competition for views, shares and likes

With the competitive digital marketing landscape, there is a large amount of content fighting for attention and it isn’t enough to simply publish, distribute and forget about it. Content needs to be engaging to catch and keep your audience’s attention and be something they want to share with others.

Evaluating content engagement

Marketing pieces should have goals related to content engagement which can be tracked and measured in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign. Benchmarks can be created and used for comparisons over time. This can help an organization narrow in on the type of content that its audience is most likely to find engaging.

What makes content engaging?

Clear CTAs can help people more easily engage with content. Use messaging that tells them to share, or encourages them to post comments. Other things that help with engagement include evoking emotion – make people smile, laugh, cry, or surprise them.

What impacts content engagement?

A variety of things can impact content engagement including:

  • Placement of content
  • Time of day the content is shared
  • Competition with other content
  • Clarity and type of call-to-action
  • Relationship of your content with trending topics, news stories, holidays and other important events
November 22, 2017

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