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Take content promotion into your own hands

As the media and PR industries have evolved over the last few decades, so have your client’s needs and the habits of audiences across the country. Luckily, Brandpoint’s communications services have adapted and grown every step of the way, too.   

We help you control your brand’s message through different content promotion tactics, all with the guarantee of access to an industry-leading distribution network and secured print and online placements.  

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Which PR distribution option is best for you? 

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MAT Release >

Secure over 1,000 print and online placements of your sponsored content.

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Supercharge your MAT release with engagement amplification options.

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Boost your brand’s credibility with business section front placements.


Spanish language content creation and distribution helps you reach your target audience

Brandpoint’s Hispanic distribution network consists of U.S.-based Hispanic news sites, as well as daily and weekly newspaper sites, allowing you to reach your specific audiences exactly where they’re getting their information. We also offer Spanish language translation services and multiple targeting options, so you can be sure that you’re reaching the right eyes.

Measurement and reporting tools

Our online reporting dashboard focuses on readability and seamless navigation,  so it’s easy to showcase campaign results for your client. With supersized interactive maps, correlative pie charts and state-by-state placement maps, these reports are just another reason to choose Brandpoint for your distribution needs.

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Is your PR and Communications team ready for 2023?

From TikTok to Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, the trends and focuses for PR in the upcoming year will be exciting. This free eBook goes over the top seven trends that we think all professionals in the industry should be prepared for. 

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