Listicle Creation and Distribution

No content format has been more popular in recent years than the listicle.

Big publishers like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post¬†have built massive followings¬†using this highly shareable and clickable content form. At Brandpoint, it’s one of our specialties.

What is a listicle?

As the name suggests, a listicle is a cross between a list and an article. It features the informative content of an article presented as an easy-to-digest list featuring high-quality images. An effective listicle is usually tip-based, providing your readers with information they can use in their daily lives.

Brandpoint listicles appear on the websites of some of the biggest daily newspapers and media publishers in the country and feature great insights and quality images.

[FACT: Brandpoint listicles go out to over 1,000 different media sites, giving you access to over 55 million desktop users and 60 million mobile users.]

Take a look at some listicles we recently helped create for our current clients:

Why use listicles?

A listicle is a brand-awareness powerhouse. They are designed to speak to a massive audience and allow room for mentions of your brand along with related links, directing readers to your website. Listicles match the look and feel of the publisher sites they’re hosted on, so readers are more likely to click on and read your content.

How Brandpoint can help

Brandpoint has been a valuable listicle partner to big brands and organizations. We leverage our close relationships with major publishers to give your listicle access to millions of online and mobile readers.

In addition, our in-house team of content writers, editors and designers have created hundreds of successful listicles and know how to perfectly position your brand and impact your audience.

We’re ready to give you the boost your brand needs.

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