Perform an SEO Website Audit with Brandpoint’s New Tool

Optimizing your website content is crucial for ranking in search engine results and driving traffic to your site. With SEO, it can be hard to know where to start making changes to improve your search engine visibility and user experience, especially when you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t.

Brandpoint’s new tool is a website auditor that takes a deep dive into your website content and grades your site based on a range of important search factors — and it’s all free! This tool is easy to use — just plug in your website URL to start learning how to improve your ranking in search results.

Analyze your site’s SEO using the SEO Site Audit Tool here.

What’s included in the report

Our audit report looks at a number of things on your site to better understand your overall SEO strength. Here is a quick overview of what your report will include:

Top keyword rankings

We’ll take a look at your keywords and show your top-ranking keywords that drive the most traffic to your page.

It is helpful to look at what is bringing in traffic and if you’re ranking for terms that align with your brand and target audience.

Performance results

This is an overall gauge of how well your site performs in terms of speed and responsiveness for users. Ensuring your page performs well is critical for creating a good user experience and reducing bounce rates. By monitoring this over time, you can make sure there aren’t fluctuations in site performance.

On-page SEO results

This is the biggest section of the report and goes into details like Title Tag, Meta Description, SERP snippet preview, amount of content, Robots.txt inclusion and more.

The findings in this section provide you with the clearest way to start making improvements. You can add what you’re missing or adjust what’s not working and easily improve your ranking and user experience.


Here is where we give you a few suggestions of quick improvements you can make to improve your ranking. You can pair this section with our Content Optimization Checklist, our downloadable checklist that guides you through SEO must-haves and makes sure you’re checking all the boxes for optimizing your site.

Next steps

This report is a high-level overview — it’s only the tip of the iceberg for optimizing your site. There is so much more to look at when it comes to SEO, but this provides you with a great starting point.

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Brandpoint specializes in SEO strategy to improve site performance, traffic and conversions. We’d love to work with you to build out a strategy unique to your goals, website and business. We build out our strategies with a content-first approach to make sure that not only is your technical SEO addressing issues that prevent your pages from getting crawled, interpreted and indexed correctly, but that your content is optimized for engagement across the site.

Analyze your site’s SEO using the SEO Site Audit Tool here.

Reach out today to partner on building an effective SEO strategy.

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