Build Authority, Reach More Customers, Grow As A Company

As a manufacturing company, you have a very specialized target audience. By focusing your content to speak directly to customers, distributers and retailers, along with addressing their needs, pain points, and expectations – you will open new market opportunities for your company, create more high-quality leads for your sales team, and increase overall revenue for everyone in your organization.

A streamlined user experience and targeted messaging will help your company stand out above your competition as you address the unique challenges your customers face. You know your industry best – use that knowledge to speak directly to your customers exactly where they’re at in their buyer’s journey.

Industry Insights, Proven Process and Demonstrated Results

In an industry where safety is always a major concern, technology/IoT has just scratched the surface, and many companies are shifting focus to B2C from B2B, you need content that speaks to the growing challenges in the industry, along with a partner who can help translate your solutions to all the different roles and positions in your customer’s organization.

Our manufacturing clients, including Quarrix, Quad, Douglas Machine, Chromascape and Birchwood Contract Manufacturing, value our scalable content marketing approach (Content Marketing Operating System – CMOS) that allows them to see real business results and build a successful program from the ground up.

This process allows us to concentrate on six central components (Team, Tools, Audience, Strategy, Data, Content) of your content marketing efforts that ultimately deliver what your looking for including increased traffic and engagement, as well as boosted awareness for your company. Brandpoint will become an extension of your marketing team as you celebrate more qualified leads and an increase in conversion for your marketing organization.

And as an extra added value, we create content ourselves to help manufacturing marketers learn more about best practices and tricks of the trade. Check out this presentation, Content Marketing for Manufacturing with the Midwest Manufacturing Association, and some other resources below.

What We Can Do:

Generate and Nurture Leads

By creating and distributing targeted content, we can drive lead generation and warm these potential customers up for your sales team.

Create Informational Content

Manufacturing can be a complex subject; technical writing or video services can make them easier to understand.

Speak to a Specialized Audience

We’ll showcase your expertise to speak directly to the people looking for your products and services.

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