What’s Your Editorial Plan? Get It On the Calendar!

An Oscar-worthy picture. A championship-winning team. The next President of the United States. Great achievements don’t happen by luck; they’re planned. And those plans often start with the first read-throughs, summer practices and baby-kissing photo ops. While the benefits of a well-orchestrated plan may be more apparent in film, football or politics, they are no less important in content marketing. There’s just no two ways around it. To launch a successful content marketing campaign, you need a plan. Fortunately, there’s no better place to record your plan, and all the steps you need to follow to achieve it, than on your editorial calendar.

A good editorial calendar is your one-stop-shop for all things essential to your content marketing initiative. It’s where you map out not only the content that’s on the way and the resources necessary to create it but also the content that has already been completed and the comments/adjustments of the peer reviewers.

Most of us have used Excel documents, folder systems and other cumbersome options in the past to plan our editorial calendar. And while these solutions have their perks, they’re not the living documents we really need to create a viable monthly calendar. Hunting for the most up-to-date copy of the calendar is a challenge in its own right, and while you’re out there hunting for and confirming you have the right version of the document, you’re wasting precious time you could spend carrying out the actions on your editorial calendar.

That’s why we created BrandpointHUB – to make organizing your content workflow and managing your editorial calendar easy. Log in and you’ll have access to a real-time view of all of your content. You can see where each piece is in the process at any given time, and you can check on what’s due in the weeks and months ahead with the calendar feature. Best of all, BrandpointHUB makes it easy to track down feedback from your subject matter experts without chasing down a Word doc or sorting through a hundred emails. BrandpointHUB makes the review process easy, and that in turn makes it easy on you. That means you can spend a little more time creating great content marketing campaigns and a little less time managing them.

BrandpointHUB’s Editorial Calendar gives stakeholders a real-time view of the content strategy and pipeline

HUB editorial calendar


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