What Kinds of Content Capture the Attention of Print Editors?

When a print editor is looking for content to fill a special section or page in their publication, one of the most essential factors they consider is the article’s timeliness. No editor and more importantly, no reader, is going to want to read an article centered on holiday entertaining ideas in the heart of summer and grilling season. For this reason, the most popular articles are those that are planned to coincide with the appropriate time of year.

There are a handful of categories that are strong throughout the year, and editors are always looking for good content to fill them. The most popular topics include recipes and entertaining, automotive, home improvement and real estate.

For more specialized topics, the timing is everything. Lawn and garden, money and taxes, back to school and holiday-related articles draw a lot of attention during key times of year.

These seasonal topics can attract a large audience but they have a more limited “shelf life” and must be released at a time that fits with a publication’s editorial calendar. Print editors are usually looking for seasonal articles about a month in advance of the publication date.

The best way to make the most of this seasonal demand is to create a calendar detailing those times of year during which you think it would be beneficial to promote your business’ products or services.

Editors are always looking for quality content. A good article released at the right time is a powerful combination. Continue to check out our blog for ideas on how you can find the right topics for your business.

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