Want to Create Amazing Content? Know your Writer

If you’re looking to connect with your customer base through a content marketing campaign, nothing is more important than the words that appear in your blog or article, or on your website. These materials represent your company’s chance to make a memorable first impression with potential customers. Finding the right writer is integral to creating the perfect impression and ensuring your content delivers the story you want to tell.

To ensure their writing needs are met, some people feel they must assume the writing duties themselves. But what are you to do if you don’t have the time or you’re not the strongest writer?

Most content marketing agencies offer writing services. If you’re in the market for a writer who can tell your brand’s amazing story, the following tips will help you find the perfect scribe.

  • Determine whether the writers are in-house. Some content marketing firms hire staff writers while others simply farm out your material to freelancers. You take pride in your company and your project, and you deserve a writer who is dedicated to his or her company and vested in its growth. Those are the writers who will work hardest to ensure your happiness as a client.
  • Ask to speak with your writer. Sometimes things get lost in translation, and the more layers you add to a project, the more likely that will happen. When choosing a new content marketing firm, ask if you’ll be able to speak directly with your writer. Remember: You know your business better than anyone, so who better to convey your needs and information?
  • Provide supplemental information. Remember that your content writer may be entering your industry for the first time, so it’s a great idea to provide the writer with supplemental information that he or she can reference later. Provide every resource you can, highlighting those that will best assist the writer in creating amazing content for you.
  • Offer thoughtful feedback. Sometimes the initial content you receive is liquid gold, but other times, not so much. This is where feedback comes into play. Avoid blanket statements like “I don’t like it”, or “It feels flat.” Offer more specific feedback. Tell the writer why you don’t like it or explain the reasons it feels flat. Try to describe what you are hoping to see. Guiding your writer directly toward your needs is the best way to generate amazing content quickly.

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