Crisis Management: Brands That Are Successfully Using Video During COVID-19

In the midst of a crisis, you are challenged with deciding what to share on behalf of your brand. Are you struggling to determine what’s helpful, what’s not quite appropriate or what’s just noise? Crisis management is a tough situation to navigate as a marketer.

No matter how the crisis affects your company, it’s important not to ignore it. Video is an effective way to get your messages out in a personalized and memorable way. Check out these examples, from popular brands like Uber, Walmart and Ford, for appropriate ways to use video during a crisis.

Provide Useful Information

This is a great video example from the CDC, who used their platform to share helpful information with the public during the COVID-19 crisis. This short, 30-second animated video explains who is at risk for COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Dr. Steven Galson, SVP, Global Regulatory and Safety for Amgen, recorded a video to provide information to patients, staff and the public around proper face mask use. This video is successful because it provides technical information, is coming from a thought leader and is personable, as he is recording live from his home office.


Bring Value to Your Audience

Here is an example of a live video that our president, Scott Severson, recorded to reassure our audience and bring value to our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. He first acknowledges that we are all in difficult positions and then shares a couple ideas that you can use to achieve your sales and marketing goals during this time.


Making a Difference

It’s important to do your part during this crisis to help make a difference. Walmart shared a perfect example of that, as they committed to donating $8 million to @FeedingAmerica through this short, 15-second photo reel on Twitter.

Ford is using their capabilities to partner with 3M to help scale production of powered air-purifying respirators. This slideshow-type video was not only educational, but also shows what they are doing to help.

Uber used their creativity to come up with this video/graphic, “This video isn’t moving. Neither should you,” that they posted on their social media channels in response to COVID-19. A company that is constantly driving people around is asking you to stay home. They know this isn’t what’s best for their business, but it’s what’s best for everyone during this crisis.


Providing Updates

Ford provided an update on their service centers through a commercial with an engaging story. They stressed that “Everyone is trying to do their part,” and that they are going to do theirs by lending a hand where they can.


Showing Appreciation and Giving Thanks

T-mobile created a gif for their social media channels with the hashtag #givethanksnotpranks on April Fools’ Day. This was appropriate and thoughtful during a time when many workers are risking their lives.

Both Amazon and Walmart created emotional and compelling appreciation videos for their employees. They wanted to say thank you to those who are dedicated to providing services to us during this difficult and uncertain time. Amazon also mentioned that they will continue to do what they can to keep their employees “healthy, safe and protected.”


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