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Hot Topics for Cool Holiday MAT Releases

The snow is officially here to stay in Minnesota.  But even if you live in a balmier part of the country, there’s no doubt the holidays are drawing near. From early bird sales to holiday décor galore, the stores are packed with customers. Do they know about your brand?

The average person celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa and/or Hanukkah will spend $804, according to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday Consumer Spending Survey.  This is the time of year when B2C brands want to ensure they are top of mind. You can give your holiday promotions an extra push toward success by publishing a MAT release article.

Holiday content is in high demand, according to our network of editors. Publishing articles now is the ideal way to take advantage of this increased momentum.

In addition, Brandpoint’s special holiday promotions will help get the word out to ensure your article’s success. Current live supplements include Thanksgiving Celebrations, Do-It-Yourself – Homemade Holiday, and Celebrate the Season. Upcoming supplements and launch dates include:

  • Decorating – Nov. 26
  • Winter How-To – Nov. 26
  • New Year/Resolutions – Dec. 3

What are some hot topics for the holiday season? Consider the following as you brainstorm:

Cooking and entertaining

It’s not the holiday season without a celebration or two, and for many of us that means cooking and inviting guests into our homes. Crafting the perfect holiday can be overwhelming, and articles that that address topics related to entertaining can do very well. From no-fail cooking tips to advice for dealing with unexpected guests, people – and editors – crave this type of content. Recipes can also be a nice addition to an article around this time of year.

Health and wellness

Wait, what? It might not be the first thing you think about as you deck the halls and find the perfect gifts, but health and wellness often go by the wayside during the holiday season. Whether you’re getting too little sleep, dealing with a busy social calendar or eating far too many rich treats, the holidays can do a number on us mentally and physically. Articles that address these topics and give helpful advice to readers about holiday health will get noticed. Plus, don’t forget about the massive opportunity to do a New Year’s resolution article, too!

Giving back

The holidays aren’t just about what’s under the tree, as you know; they’re about embracing the true meaning of the season and giving back. More people are trying to add an aspect of “giving back” to their holiday traditions, which makes it a great topic for articles. Nonprofits are a perfect fit and Brandpoint editors are happy to brainstorm intriguing angles to ensure a successful campaign. Even standard brands are finding success in topics that address new traditions or discovering deeper meaning in the holiday season.

A good topic and proactive planning are key to developing successful MAT release articles. Put these concepts to work and achieve the holiday outreach you desire.