Summer MAT 2022 Topics

The Top 6 Trending Topics for Summer 2022 MAT Releases

At Brandpoint, one of our favorite parts of creating sponsored content campaigns with our partners is tracking consumer interests throughout the year so we can figure out what gets audiences to stop scrolling and start reading. Studying what audiences want to read about in some of these traditional supplements is a great way for us to keep our finger on the pulse – and this helps us keep in line with online and print editors’ publishing needs, too.

Many of the topics commonly covered in summer months have unique angles that can be explored to best fit your brand’s messaging, thanks to the way the pandemic is still affecting our behaviors and habits. Here are six of the most relevant topics for summer 2022.

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Summer 2022 Content Promotion Topics

1. Outdoor Recreation

So many of our get-togethers in the last few years have transitioned to the outdoors due to coronavirus safety concerns. Now that summer is in full swing, that new adjustment is a bit more palatable. Audiences want to know the best way to have fun outside, whether it’s with friends, family or their pets. Brands can focus on a few interest areas within this supplement, including:

  • Family outdoor game nights
  • Outdoor fitness training classes
  • Container gardening for food and decoration

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2. DIY and Home Improvement

I’ll be the first to admit that with the advent of work from home, the amount of time I’ve spent spotting and executing DIY projects around the house has increased substantially. When you’re inside your house this much, of course you want it to look nice! And now that it’s summer, there are so many opportunities for home improvement projects, like:

  • Sustainable designs from lights to furniture
  • Outdoor kitchens to bring the indoors out
  • Adding home office space to an existing area

3. Business and Careers

Work life has never looked like it has in the last two years. The Great Resignation signaled a change in employee expectations, including traditional and non-traditional benefits, diversity and inclusion initiatives and more. Brands looking to distribute content based on this supplement will do well if they include subjects such as:

  • Remote work and flexibility are here to stay
  • Internet security and privacy tips
  • Diversity and inclusion with measurable improvements

4. Beauty and Style

Any new season signals the time for a refresh on beauty and fashion trends, and this summer is no different. Audiences who are interested in this topic are looking for the trendiest, most up-to-date information on this industry, like:

  • Sustainable skin and make-up routines
  • Dopamine dressing – choosing clothes with the intention to boost your mood
  • Sunscreen and lotion expiration dates matter

5. Weddings and Events

Ahhh, the post-pandemic wedding boom. After two years of planning and postponing and canceling, many couples are finally able to find dates to tie the knot in ways that feel safe for those involved. Even though things might look a little different, it’s still very exciting to celebrate love during the warm summer months. Exciting topics for these audiences include:

  • Post-pandemic wedding celebrations
  • Eco-friendly and minimalistic weddings
  • Destination bachelor and bachelorette weekends

6. Travel

The travel supplement is booming with a lot of really fun ideas for summer vacations and trips. Even if you aren’t ready to go cross-country (or international) quite yet, there are plenty of ways for audiences to enjoy spending some of their vacation days. Here are the trendiest travel-related topics:

  • Organized solo travel
  • Planning further in advance than ever before
  • Wellness tourism

Contact us today to get even more info and topic ideas on these supplement categories!

How can you distribute your summer 2022 sponsored content?

There are so many ways to promote your brand’s content through paid media channels, with different media types and distribution tactics to best suit your brand’s goals.

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Have you started your summer MAT release campaigns?

As you know, the name of the game for media distribution packages is planning ahead. While we’re in the thick of it for summer, Q3 is just around the corner – and then you know that means holiday planning, too.

Reach out today so we can help you discover the best timing for your content promotion campaigns and to brainstorm the best way to bring your audiences the content they’re most interested in.

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