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4 Do’s and Don’ts of Creating and Distributing Great Content

In the world of content marketing, not all content is created equal — that’s a simple fact. Readers pick and choose what they’re going to read, and while some of that decision is based on preference, it’s also based on whether the content in front of them is any good.

So how do you turn run-of-the-mill content into the great material that readers want to consume? That is the real challenge.

At Brandpoint, we work with content every single day — both in-house creations and submissions. This experience has made us aware of some things that work well in the content marketing world and other things that simply don’t. Because not all content marketing is created equal, and because yours should be outstanding, let’s highlight a few do’s and don’ts right now in this blog.

Do: Find the right medium for your message.

There’s no single “best” way to tell every story, and savvy content marketers are able to match the right platform to any given material. Is it a longer piece that can be woven into a newspaper feature? You need a MAT Release. Is it a more technical subject with lots of charts, facts and figures? An infographic may be the best way to make this information easily understandable. Or finally, is the information best conveyed over the course of a long-running series? If so, readers will follow it all the more easily in a blog format. Determine the story you want to tell and then find the medium that fits.

Don’t: Focus on yourself. 

Great content marketing tells a story by informing or entertaining, but it doesn’t hit you over the head with a branded sledgehammer. If the focus of your piece is your company or your product, you’re ensuring no one beyond your proofreader will even look at it. Think of your content from the perspective of a writer instead of a marketer and ask, “What’s the story here?” Once you can answer that, the rest will take care of itself.

Do: Include that “Ah-ha” moment. 

Aggregating content is quick and easy, but when you do so you’re just adding another piece of waste to the content compost pile —  and it’s become a pretty big pile. To truly separate yourself and provide the type of quality content that builds loyalty among your readers, you have to give them something they can’t get anywhere else. Remember, you’re an expert in your industry, so call on that knowledge and show it in your content. If you can give readers something they didn’t know before, they and your content will both be better for it.

Don’t: Write on and on. 

The old adage of “Keep It Simple, Stupid” could just as easily be “Keep It Short … Stupid.” Remember, if you’re competing for the attention of Internet readers and space in newspapers, you have a better chance of landing both with a smaller piece. Determine what you have to say and say it as quickly as possible. Use your links and call to action to direct readers looking to take a deeper dive.

Great content isn’t crafted overnight, but it doesn’t take a lifetime to perfect either. Remember your audience, write for them and share your content through the perfect channel; this will ensure that you’re the source of amazing content that others will be desperate to replicate. For more insights to boost your content marketing efforts, join our email list today.