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Telling a Story in a Regulated Environment

Before I started my career here at Brandpoint, I worked for one of the largest health insurance providers in the state of Minnesota. There I was tasked with creating copy for the company’s Medicare division. This position was my first exposure to the world of heavily regulated content, and as I sat in a meeting and discussed a letter we needed to send I quickly realized how different the regulated world is.

In the end, we discussed and finalized the letter — fortunately that was easy. When we tried to determine where we were going to place the company’s Medicare logo on the side of the envelope, however, we ran into problems. It seemed a simple task, something other brands — including our own sister brands — did every single day. But knowing that Medicare is a heavily regulated industry, we did our homework before deciding on anything, even something so small as an envelope logo. That’s when we discovered that adding the logo would also require us to add several lines of disclaimer copy to the outside of the envelope.

We chose not to add the logo.

When I tell that story to people now, people who have never experienced the world of industry regulation, the look of horror that crosses their faces is always humorous. At times like these I forget how many people never really dip their toes into the regulated world.

If we compare the marketing efforts of companies across the country to children on the playground, regulated industries are those with the helicopter parents. It doesn’t mean those kids can’t have any fun, of course, they just have to do so within the rules — and there are a lot of them.

The Brandpoint Pharma Network

These rules make the process of creating successful content marketing especially difficult. Though we strive to tell amazing stories that inform and entertain, regulated stories must also notify and disclaim. At Brandpoint, we recognize these different considerations that regulated industries require. We know the importance of superscript symbols, footnote citations, font alterations and, of course, the Important Safety Information copy block. In an ordinary distribution network, all of these regulation requirements would render a mat release unusable. That’s why we created our own pharma network, a unique space where regulated content marketers can tell great stories while remaining compliant as well.

Our pharma network guarantees your article more than 600 placements on sites across the country, each of which will preserve and protect the article’s unique requirements as well as a site audience of 8 million people. And we also make the content available to newspaper editors looking specifically for this type of content.

Minimize Compliance Risk

To help manage your process from start to finish, Brandpoint HUB provides the visibility you need to see who’s signed off on the piece and who has yet to review it. You’ll also be able to see the article as it will appear online, without the guesswork. It’s certainly safer than risking a regulation mistake within Excel documents and digital folders.

At Brandpoint, we understand regulated content because, like you, we work in this industry as well. So let us know how we can help you with your mat release, your infographic and, yes, maybe even your envelope.

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