Marketing for Financial Services Infographic

Study: The State of Content Marketing for Financial Services in 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing for financial services has a reputation for being a challenging job. Between the task of making a complicated subject matter easy to understand and staying up to date on strict guidelines within the sector, marketers have a lot to keep in mind when creating their strategies.

However, as content marketing itself evolves, we’re finding that Finserv professionals are becoming more confident and successful in their efforts.

Our second annual State of Content Marketing Financial Services report surveyed over 400 marketers in the field to learn what challenges they face, what trends they’re seeing in their company and what tactics they find the most effective. As with last year’s report, we worked with Drive Research to gain perspective on how financial service marketers are feeling today. Here are our findings.

Download the full report: The State of Content Marketing for Financial Services in 2019



If you’re a financial service marketer looking for some advice on content strategy or content creation, Brandpoint would love to learn more about your company and your goals. Give us a shout to see how we can partner together!

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