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Sponsored Content Gets Your Message Out

If you want to have a successful business, you have to advertise, right? That’s a cornerstone rule that falls right in line with having great customer service and being smart with your money.

But new technologies are making advertising effectively more and more difficult these days. DVRs allow potential customers to simply fast-forwarding through your television ads, and video and radio services allow people to bypass your advertisements altogether.

So what about the Web? Well, it’s not much better there for pure advertisements. One installation of pop-up blocker and your ads are gone. Now you’re left hoping someone clicks on your billboard advertisement.

Research shows you shouldn’t hold your breath. So how do you reach your customers now?

The answer is simple. If you can’t beat them, join them.

How do I join the conversation

Traditional advertising venues allow advertisers to interrupt the content customers enjoy to insert their own message. But that’s what’s being blocked. So instead of trying to find new ways to interrupt the content, why not be part of it?

Sponsored content allows you to insert your brand message into the mediums your customers are already enjoying and, if it’s done correctly, it won’t feel like an ad at all — just another piece of the content itself.

Articles that inform or entertain are paired with your brand message to give readers something they actually want to use instead of wanting to avoid it.

So how do you learn more about establishing a successful sponsored content campaign? The first step is to connect with an experienced sponsored content provider. For instance, at Brandpoint we partner with clients to ensure their content appears on some of the biggest online publication websites available. We guarantee your sponsored content will appear on over 800 sites to an audience of more than 15 million people. In fact, our clients actually average 1,100 placements and a site audience of 18 million.

If that exposure sounds good to you, consider sponsored content as part of your content marketing campaign. It sure beats waiting for someone to click on your banner ad.

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