Should You Hire a Social Media Agency?

It certainly isn’t news that every company looking to increase brand awareness needs to have some type of social media presence, whether you do it on your own or through a social media agency.

For years, marketing experts have touted the benefits of linking up with potential business partners, clients, customers and leads through social networks. Some brands dove in headfirst. Others came late to the party. And plenty realized that the tactic just wasn’t right for them.

Whatever the scenario, the goal of a social media campaign is to capture a visitor’s attention and turn him or her into a buyer or client. Whether that happens immediately or through a funnel of awareness varies from brand to brand. The fast-paced nature of social media allows brands to promote themselves effectively in less time, ultimately saving money.

But social media trends, influencers and techniques are constantly changing. One minute the best practice is to go hashtag crazy and the next minute the mantra is the simpler the better. It truly is a full time role to devote vigilant monitoring, comparisons and constant research to stay current on best social media practices. By outsourcing this part of the marketing process your company can focus on running the business you are aiming to promote.

Agency strengths

When your car breaks down don’t go tinkering around under the hood unless you fully understand how an engine works. If you did tinker too much, you could end up creating further damage or simply wasting time and effort.

The same goes for your social media campaign. If you don’t know your Bitly from your Klout, then it may be best to call in the pros. An agency will be able to save you time, money you’d put forward for a dedicated position, and they will be able to clearly explain a social strategy to move your brand forward.

Know when to ask for help

Just because social media is everywhere we look doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use it effectively for business. You can enroll in a course and do it yourself, hire a young gun who must understand this social media nonsense, or just wing it with the mentality that “something is better than nothing.”

But for the majority of businesses, trying to run a social media campaign themselves will be a puddle of frustration and lackluster results that they just keep flailing in. For many, balancing the hefty load of learning a new, evolving tactic, implementing it and running their business is simply too much. A social media agency may be your best bet.

Stay involved

Social media isn’t simply pushing promotions. A successful campaign will engage clients or costumers in conversation. Does an agency have the necessary expertise in your industry to completely run your social media accounts?

This is where most agencies struggle. So be sure to either find an outfit that understands your brand with plenty of extensive onboarding, or work in collaboration with them to create clear, cohesive messaging. You should also frequently ask to see the measures of success week after week, month after month, and year after year. Staying involved doesn’t need to be a burden, but without it your campaign may become socially disconnected from your brand.


Just because you have the option to outsource your social media content doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Social media isn’t right for every brand and neither is working with a social media agency. But giving an agency a shot if your brand is struggling with social media is worth the chance, and the return on your investment can be great. Many brands find that working with a collaborative social media agency does wonders for their marketing team.

For more insights on working with content agencies, see our companion post on working with content agency writers.

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