SEO Best Practices: A Writer’s Guide

Optimizing keywords and links as a content marketing writer can be frustrating, time consuming and at times, diminish the impact of the copy. However, implementing SEO best practices is crucial to climbing the search engine ladder – which is vital if you want your content to show up organically in searches.

Follow these tips to help structure your posts, effectively optimize your keywords and incorporate some SEO best practices in your copy:

  • Your primary keyword NEEDS to be in the headline. Just like readers, Google’s spiders scan from the top down on any given page. You need to tell Google and your readers what the page is about starting with the headline.
  • It is also important to incorporate your primary keyword in the first and last 100 words. This shows Google your piece maintained relevance to the primary keyword throughout the copy. A great place to use your primary keyword in the last 100 words is the call to action because it alerts Google to your page’s ultimate goal. Check the call to action below for an example.
  • Show Google and your readers what’s important in your copy by bolding or italicizing specific keywords or phrases.
  • Google loves bulleted lists – just like this one. A bulleted list signifies importance to Google and readers.
  • Logical linking to pages on your own site as well as to other credible sites helps Google and readers easily connect the pieces and better understand your business/industry. When the pages on your site work together to tell a story the value of your overall website rises in Google’s eyes because it shows that the specific webpage is important and it also relates to a bigger picture.

Google is constantly adjusting how their algorithms create a search engine ranking page (SERP) in order to better represent how the average consumer searches on the web. Staying on top of SEO best practices is important – especially for a writer – changes made can alter how writers need to implement keywords and structure a webpage, blog post or product description.

Learn more about how Brandpoint incorporates SEO best practices throughout their content marketing writing to help improve your business’ search engine ranking.

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