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NEW: Boost Credibility through Social Advocacy with Brandpoint’s Expert Series Videos

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Brandpoint’s Expert Series is a new way we can help companies demonstrate knowledge of their industry and business via thought leadership videos and bylined articles. These high-quality editorial videos will include an interview with an expert from the company and will be distributed to select prestigious news sites for placement. These placements will also feature a bylined article about both the interview and the message the brand is conveying.


The main intent of this new content marketing technique is to encourage social sharing of the sponsored content by the thought leader themselves, as well as by employees of the organization.

The Benefits of the Expert Series Videos:

  • Opportunity to showcase thought leadership: By providing high-level insights from your organization, you’ll be establishing your brand’s credibility in the eyes of your target audience. Creating and distributing sponsored content — especially in the form of a video — is a very effective way to get the right eyes on your product.
  • An organic way to encourage social advocacy: Getting placement on a big media site is a big deal, and the subject of the interview should share the post on social media to create a positive buzz around your brand. When employees of the featured company post the interview on LinkedIn and other platforms, they’re not only sharing the content, but showing off the implied endorsement of these news sites.
  • Ability to leverage authority of influential news media sites: Trust begets trust. If your audience holds news sites such as the LA Times or USA Today in high regard, seeing your brand published on their website only strengthens your credibility.

The Expert Series Video

Our first example of our Expert Series features Equals 3, a marketing tech startup that created Lucy, an artificial intelligence platform that helps businesses research and analyze their own data.

USA Today Equals 3

Source: USA Today

In this video, you get to hear directly from Equals 3 Founder and CEO Dan Mallin on how Lucy solves the challenge of unshared knowledge many companies face.


Why is video marketing so important?

To say that video is an important tactic in content marketing is an understatement. Social Media Today states that 90% of consumers say that videos help make buying decisions, and there are five times more buyers who would prefer to watch a video compared to reading about it.

Including professional videos in your campaigns can help illustrate your story more than words alone, as well as lead to higher conversion rates and a mobile-friendly experience.


Whether you’ve created an educational article, compiled a listicle or filmed an expert video interview, getting your branded content seen through Brandpoint’s distribution network is a great way to gain traffic and brand awareness.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to hear about your company! Drop us a line to let us know how we can help you.

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