NEW: Amplify Your Business Thought Leadership with Brandpoint’s Partnership with The Business Journals

Brandpoint’s partnership with The Business Journals has elevated our Guaranteed Media Placement offerings by including a brand-new network for our team to distribute branded content. Our PR and communications partners can now choose The Business Journals as a publication option when creating their Branded Content campaign, giving them access to business audiences in over 40 key U.S. markets online.

Brands can choose from two different formats for this lightly branded content, either a feature article with helpful tips and information that relates to business or a bylined article, directly highlighting the brand’s thought leaders. Once published, these brands will gain access to an audience of millions of professionals who follow, influence and impact their organizations.

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The benefits of the Business Journals partnership:

  • Direct distribution to target audiences. With 40-plus city-specific publications, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, brands can make sure that their specific audiences see their content exactly where they commonly browse online. Within these placements, brands can also narrow down their distribution with further audience targeting, including demographics like age, gender, job title and more.
  • Paywall-free, permanent placements. A feature that is exclusive to placements on The Business Journals is that the articles are never unpublished from the site. That means your content, which will always live outside of the paywall, will be online indefinitely and will gain SEO benefits from being searchable. Additionally, this distribution can include print placements. 
  • Social and newsletter inclusion from The Business Journals. With every Business Journals placement, brands have the potential to be included in the publication’s newsletter distribution and social media promotion.
  • Social advocacy and credibility-boosting marketing efforts. By getting media placements in influential and well-known publications, your brand will earn credibility and implied endorsement by default. This social advocacy will help your brand’s reputation by being seen alongside other news content online.

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What does the Business Journals placement look like?

In this example, Visa was looking to share timely and topical content focused on the uncertain economic landscape in 2022. Brandpoint worked with their team to create content that showcased their unique knowledge and promoted the content on the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journals website.

See the rest of the case study here.

Best topics for Guaranteed Media Placements with Business Journals

Since this new type of Guaranteed Media Placement earns brand placements on business section-fronts, a number of topics will work best for this type of sponsored content. Our team of marketers will help you decide which theme is best for you, including:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental, Social and Governance
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Green and Sustainability Initiatives
  • Executive Visibility
  • Investor Relations Support
  • Crisis Communications

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Why is business thought leadership so important?

Since the pandemic began, the relationship between consumers and brands has shifted. Audiences expect so much more out of brands now, and that includes a layer of transparency. The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer taught us that “Businesses have more power than ever before in influencing customers on a different level than just selling to them.”

In the post “How Brands Can Build Trust with Transparency,” we lay out exactly how to do such a thing, including building your role as a thought leader and taking control of your messaging, as well as reasons why this evolution in user behavior is one that PR and communications professionals should pay attention to.

Learn more about how we can tell your business’s story online

We’re excited to work with your team on deciding the best way to promote your business-related content on The Business Journals online network. Contact us today to get your next campaign started!

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