How to Measure Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

We work every day with content marketers across the country and have seen first hand just how much work goes into producing a single piece of quality content. But some of the most important work happens once the content is published.

Measuring content marketing performance helps you understand the impact of your content. And when you know what data matters most, you can have better conversations with your team and stakeholders.

We created this infographic to show the complete conversion funnel in action and what outcomes to strive toward with content marketing. It begins with the awareness stage, which includes checking your search engine rank, web traffic and social media engagement. If your content can be found by your audience, you’ll have an easier time boosting awareness of your brand.

Next, the consideration stage measures engagement with your content by looking at metrics including page views, visit duration, bounce rates and content downloads. These actions can indicate how useful your content is and if a lead is interested in your business.

Finally, the conversion stage signals when a customer is getting closer to purchase. A customer will complete an action by providing contact information, replying to an email, talking with sales and more.

From awareness to decision and beyond, here’s how to measure your content marketing efforts.

Brandpoint has a team of experts to supply brands with a strategy and the content needed for awareness, consideration and conversion. Learn more here.

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