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Marketing With Heart: Doing Good is Good For Business

Many companies, including Brandpoint, support a variety of community outreach efforts such as food drives, humanitarian trips, local fundraising events and matching-gift charitable programs. Doing good and making a difference provide many rewards, including some you may not have thought of.

When consumers make choices, they look for companies that contribute to the community. “Eighty-one percent of Americans would switch to a brand associated with a good cause, price and quality being equal”, according to the Minnesota Council on Foundations. So doing the right thing can be good business, too.

If you don’t have a plan for incorporating charitable outreach into your marketing efforts, you’re missing a big opportunity. Here are some of the specific benefits it can provide:

Brand awareness

The more active your company is in the community, the more your name will be out there in a positive way. In press releases, on websites and social media, your brand will be mentioned in conjunction with worthy causes and events, raising your public profile and helping to optimize your brand’s search results online.

Customer loyalty

Consumers like to do business with individuals and companies that they respect and feel good about. If your current and potential clients associate your organization with good works and community involvement, they will be more likely to want to begin and maintain a relationship with you.


Businesses that take the initiative to support and encourage charitable giving and volunteering will inspire others to get involved. They will be perceived as leaders not only in the community but in their industry as well.

Employee morale and teamwork

Volunteer projects bring employees together in different ways, providing team-building opportunities outside the traditional organizational structure. Also, supporting causes that employees care about promotes a more positive work environment, building loyalty and helping to attract and retain good employees.

Right now Brandpoint is in the middle of our summer food drive for the Emergency Foodshelf Network, an innovative, full-service food bank that serves a network of relief organizations throughout the state of Minnesota. What volunteer projects have worked well for your organization?