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STUDY: Marketers Would Use Extra Time to Train Cats

Whether it’s training your cats to make coffee (smart move), attacking a book on your must-read list, or continuing to grow your business, content marketers have plenty of ideas of what they would do with a little extra time.

As experts in the content marketing field for 20+ years, we discovered that the only way to save valuable time on creating content was to create a tool.

There are a lot of moments within the content creation process when time is wasted. A couple years ago we surveyed 100 agency clients in various industries and discovered that 86% of them use a combination of Word, Excel and email to manage their content marketing. They also work in teams—97% of our clients include three or more people in their collaboration process.

To ease the collaboration process, we developed BrandpointHUB, a cloud-based content marketing platform where you and your entire team can conduct every single step of the content creation process, including:

  • Schedule content.
  • Assign writers and editors.
  • Track revisions.
  • Brainstorm.
  • Create.
  • Publish content.

Companies that don’t invest in a content marketing platform or workflow software pay an extra $120,000 per year to produce the same volume of content (Gleanster Research).

Not only does an inefficient content creation process impede work initiatives, it also comes with a high price tag AND cuts into time better spent training the cat or hanging with your family.

What does your content creation process look like? Do you use a content marketing platform? If you’re losing track of feedback in email chains, maintaining multiple documents and using several platforms, it’s time to consolidate! Try out BrandpointHUB and start your 14-day free trial.

See for yourself! At April’s SMB-MSP event, these marketers let us know on Twitter what they would do with an extra 45 minutes each day with the help of BrandpointHUB:


Start saving time today. Try the HUB for free!

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