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Top Content Marketing Success Stories

Content marketing offers a world of possibilities for reaching new markets and forging more meaningful connections with your current audience. We’ve gathered 3 of our favorite content marketing examples from recent weeks to help inspire your inner content creator.

  1. The Grand Scheme” from lululemon: 31,800 shares, primarily from Facebook

In a recent feature interview with lululemon, professional cyclist Taylor Phinney hits the road to discuss the true meaning of success after a 2014 crash that nearly ended his career. As Phinney continues to recover while training for the 2016 Rio Olympics, he asks himself – and the viewers – some serious questions. What does it mean to be an athlete? How does he fit into the world of cycling? What is success?

This video was shared by Taylor Phinney via Twitter (133,290 followers); by other professional cyclists, including Tom Danielson (44,406 followers) and Daniel Oss (29,707 followers); and by various cycling bloggers and fans.

Why it worked:

  • Celebrity athlete
  • Inspirational story
  • Leverages international current event

2. “Our Pokemon Go Fan App Attracted Almost 300 Thousand Trolls in 3 Days” from Unboxd on Medium: 11,200 shares, primarily from Facebook

In the midst of the Pokémon GO chaos and veritable flood of Pokémon-related content on the web, this article stood out to a global audience of developers and marketers. Unboxd’s Facebook post received 11,000 likes in one day,  expanding the article’s reach to a global level.

The article is a 1,500 word, 7 minute read with insights on how the Unboxd team decided to create the app along with key findings from the launch experience. The article provides details on the popularity of “follow-on” apps, which are apps developed and released to capitalize on the success of Pokémon GO to “fill real or perceived gaps in the GO experience.”

Why it worked:

  • Detailed how-to description of launching a successful app
  • Capitalizes on a trending topic with global reach



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