Last Week in Content Marketing: Starbucks as Content Creators and a CMW Recap

Starbucks Unveils New Digital Series, “Upstanders”

Last week, Starbucks debuted its 10-part original web series titled “Upstanders,” which focuses on topics with social impact like addressing hunger, homelessness and college access. According to an interview with AdAge, the series’ executive producer Rajiv Chandrasekaran sees this content as a social initiative rather than “branded content trying to promote the Starbucks brand or product.”

Starbucks’ move into storytelling for the greater good is a nod to other popular brands like Chipotle and Coca-Cola, who have launched similar campaigns to inspire consumers and promote brand authenticity rather than its products. Consumers can access the free series through Starbucks’ website, as well as download written essays and audio versions of each story through a weekly podcast.

Content Marketing World 2016

We had the privilege of joining over 3,500 other marketers and marketing influencers at the largest content event last week. Content Marketing World is a chance for content nerds like us to explore the latest trends and best practices in our industry – here’s what Brandpoint Account Executive Samantha Wright learned during her time in the Rock and Roll Capital of the World:

Content marketing has transitioned from an experiment into a critical business function. In order to be successful, you need company-wide buy-in. Now is the time to go all in!

  • Principles vs. Platforms

Technology changes (rapidly), marketing tactics adapt, and client needs transform. Make sure your business principles and clients come first, and that you have a plan for seamlessly translating these priorities to industry and technology changes.

  • The Customer (Still) Comes First

Understanding your customer and their journey is as important as ever. If you’re creating a lot of content (which you should be), a crucial element of assessing the quality of that content is whether or not it resonates with your audience.

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