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Is Your Content Reaching the Growing Hispanic Market?

The U. S. Hispanic population is growing fast – 52 million people as of the last census, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2050, more than 133 million Hispanics will live in the U.S., representing 30 percent of the country’s total population, according to federal projections. That’s a huge potential market, whether you’re selling home improvement or healthcare! So how can you effectively use content marketing to capture their attention, loyalty and dollars? We’ve culled some points to consider from around the Web:

Don’t get lost in translation

You may assume that to reach a Hispanic market, you have to translate everything into Spanish. That’s not necessarily true. While many people with Hispanic heritage do speak Spanish in the home, a growing number prefer to consume online content in English, according to Ad Age research. It turns out relevancy to your target audience transcends language in the minds of Hispanic consumers. So even if your translation is flawless, Hispanic readers still may not embrace it if it’s not relevant to their specific tastes, needs and lifestyles.

Learn the culture

Just as you research the demographics (age, sex, income, etc.) of other target groups, you need to learn about the Hispanic culture in order to successfully market to them. “You must understand how culture defines the identity of the Hispanic person”, blogs Glenn Llopis on “If you don’t understand their cultural characteristics, then you will not understand how Hispanics are wired to think and why they purchase and remain loyal to certain brands.”

Be respectful

When any political minority begins to emerge as an economic and numerical majority, they desire and deserve marketers’ respect. That means investing the time to learn about their culture, needs and interests, and assiduously avoiding the offensive stereotypes the group has suffered under for far too long. Hispanics, Llopis notes in another Forbes post, are looking for respect, and they’re willing to give their loyalty to brands that truly earn it.

Emphasize social media

It’s not just a stereotype – family, friends and social interactions are particularly important for Hispanics. An Adweek report notes that multiple studies have found Hispanics use social media more than other groups. To reach Hispanics where they’re most active, your strategy needs to incorporate social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, and be easily accessible through mobile devices.

From music to food to entertainment, Hispanic culture is a continuing influence on American society. Make the most of your marketing dollars by understanding and reaching out to this growing, and very important, demographic.

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