If You’re Not Using Facebook Business Manager, You’re Doing It Wrong

This is you working in an agency:

This is you managing social media:

This is you managing social media without the right tools:

Working with many social media clients and running multiple Facebook accounts can be a blast. You get to publish and curate amazing things every day on a platform that’s effectively running the show. However, without the right tools, it can be unwieldy, frustrating and downright maddening.

Simply put: If you’re not using Facebook Business Manager, you’re doing it wrong.

To set you straight and get you back on the path to sanity, here are 3 reasons why Facebook Business Manager is your life saver.

Easy Onboarding/Offboarding

After running several clients through Business Manager, we’ve found this to be the most useful feature by far.

Without Business Manager, here’s what your permissions process looks like:

  1. Like your client’s page.
  2. Message the admin to request access.
  3. Wait for invitation email.
  4. Click to accept access and log into the environment.

Here’s what it looks like WITH Business Manager:

  1. Invite your client into your environment.
  2. The client accepts the request.
  3. That’s it.
  4. Seriously, you can stop reading this numbered list because that’s it.

A client we worked with, one who didn’t have Business Manager, was in charge of four different Facebook pages with 18 different admins. What a mess. Business Manager allows you to establish more partitions to keep pages more organized for you and create a cleaner, more fluid experience for your client.

One-Stop Shop

If you’re running ads on Facebook (and you should be), Business Manager provides you with multiple ad dashboards with multiple sets of analytics to create, track and manage all your client’s Facebook ads. The only bummer is that it does not include boosted posts. However, you still have access to the credit card info attached to that Business Manager account for easy boosting and easy billing.


Security is always priority number one, especially in a space in which credit card numbers and ad collateral live. Using Business Manager allows you to protect your client’s privacy as well as your own. More partitions mean you won’t have to share logins or passwords.

There’s very little that Facebook’s Business Manager can’t do. If you’re in the business of running several Facebook pages, this is a tool you can’t afford not to use. Check it out and tell us what you think.

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