How to Land Your Dream Job in the Thriving Field of Content Marketing

If you have a passion for marketing and love content, a career in Content Marketing would be right up your alley. It’s a thriving segment of the marketing world, which means companies are looking to add good people to their teams…

If a career in Content Marketing is appealing to you, look for companies that already have a content marketing strategy in place. These companies will have posting for jobs like Chief Content Officer, Content Strategist or SEO Copywriter.

Also look for progressive organizations that may allow you to be a part of the innovative process. These types of companies strive to stay current with industry trends, value creativity and innovation and most likely maintain a flexible, diverse and inclusive workplace. Consider taking an internship or freelance opportunity. You may wind up creating a full-time job for yourself!

Companies are often looking for experience, but some of the most sought-after skills in content marketing aren’t necessarily gained through traditional work experience. Instead, they are skills you may have naturally, or may have learned in other contexts.  These skills include:

1. The ability to tell a story.

The ability to create fresh and engaging content that tells a story in a comprehensive and compelling manner doesn’t come easy to many. This could be your silver bullet.

2. A well thought-out personal brand.

Candidates with a strong public persona make better applicants in an industry that focuses on brand development.

3. A business mind.

An understanding how different content marketing functions affect business can help you when you get that interview with the VP.

4. The ability to listen and take action.

Listening to customers, competitors and influencers and knowing how to adapt is key in an ever-changing landscape.

If you have the skills but lack experience, don’t despair. Exhibit your talents by creating a knock-out personal brand. Start a blog, establish a tactful social media presence and engage with LinkedIn groups and other industry-focused websites, like or Identify companies that you would like to work for and Follow them on LinkedIn. That’s a good way to gain insight into the company’s business practices and culture.

It’s also an opportunity to gather information about the company’s goals, the projects they’re working on and what people are saying about them. If offered an interview, having this knowledge shows you took initiative to learn more about the business, which makes you a more attractive candidate.

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