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How to Find a Great Angle for MAT Release Distribution

It’s a question Brandpoint receives on a daily basis: What story angle will get the most media placements through article distribution? While our years of expertise can guide clients in uncovering a great mat release topic, there’s no singular clear path to success.

The best way to get optimum placements to maximize your content marketing strategy is to create a feature article that editors love. What do they want to print? It’s simple: intriguing stories that appeal to a broad audience. OK – maybe not so simple.

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time for some creative thinking and a brainstorm session among colleagues. Sit down with these questions in hand; you may find an awesome angle more quickly than you think:

1. What is currently happening in the news?

What’s currently making headlines? What’s trending on Twitter and Facebook? Visit Google News and type in some keywords that relate to your industry. Explore what’s trending and take advantage of the momentum.

2. What makes your product different?

What makes your product or brand stand out from the competition? Does it work faster? Appeal to the time-crunched crowd. Is it more affordable? Tie it into a budgeting angle. Is it healthier? You get the idea.

3. What does the target audience want to know?

Whether it’s parents, college students or seniors, by understanding what piques the interest of your target audience, you’ll better understand what story angles to pursue. How do they live? What do they value? How are they unique from other groups?

4. What haven’t you written about yet?

It’s the creative rut that many communications professionals suffer from when working so closely with a client day in and day out. It’s time to think outside the box. Look for fresh ways to approach what you’ve already found to be successful. Embrace uncharted territory.

5. What would you realistically read?

If you opened up the Sunday paper and saw your headline and story, would you read it? Even if you aren’t necessarily part of the target audience, you should still be intrigued by the information presented. If not, it’s time to dig deeper.