How to Create a Listicle

Listicles – the snackable form of content that brings together text and photos in a list form – are ubiquitous on the web. Perfectly designed for mobile consumption and a news audience used to quick, casual and visually focused information, listicles can be irresistible (while researching this blog I suddenly found myself halfway through The 12 Cats Of Chrismahanukwanzakah: Kitty Lights) and powerful if done right. If you’d like to incorporate a listicle into your content marketing efforts, consider the following to make the most effective use of the art form:

1. Tell a story

The information will have more of an impact if you tell a story. Your listicle will not be effective if it’s just promoting something – you’ll need a compelling story or hook to attract readers.

2. Photos are the main thing

The whole point of a listicle is to feature spectacular photos. If you don’t have these, you’re better off just writing an article. This is essentially a visual tool: make good photos your priority.

3. Illustrate a theme

Listicles can be a good way to pull together elements of a theme. There’s no better way to illustrate a group of examples linked by a common premise.

4. Present a ranked list

Listicles are an effective way to present comparisons or information that can be ranked.

5. Reward your audience

Make sure to tell your audience something they don’t already know. There should be a reward for jumping into a listicle, some small tidbit of entertaining or helpful information.

6. Add an element of surprise

Another way to reward your audience is to give them something unexpected.

7. Make it sharable

A listicle can be an effective tool for creating engagement. Focus on creating something that your audience just has to share.

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