How to Create a Quiz for Lead Generation

Quizzes have an innate ability to draw in and engage audiences, increase social traffic, drive revenue, and generate leads – so why is this form of content so often overlooked? As underrated as quizzes might be, they’re incredibly useful when implemented in your comprehensive marketing strategy.

Regardless of your industry, you’re likely to find a quiz topic that will resonate with your audience – and we’ll show you a few quick tips for creating a quiz that meets your brand’s marketing needs.

Picking The Right Quiz Type

As you come up with a title for your quiz, keep in mind the kind of quiz you want to create. Generally, there are two types:

  • The Personality Quiz categorizes people into personality types based on their answers.
  • The Knowledge Test gauges how much someone knows about a given subject and delivers results based on accuracy.

SunflowersCrafting The Perfect Question

Once you’ve settled on a title and quiz type, it’s time to develop your questions. As a brand, this is your chance to establish a connection with your audience that may not be possible in other types of content. So, how do you craft the perfect quiz question that relates to and informs your readers?

  • Add Personality – Approach your audience as if you were talking to them in person. Quizzes are less traditional than other content types, and your audience will expect a more personal tone. Take advantage of this to create a more relatable brand experience for your audience.
  • Utilize Images – Keep things fun, yet relevant, with engaging images to capture your reader’s’ attention.
  • Short & Sweet – Aim for 6 to 8 questions per quiz. This usually takes about 2-3 minutes to complete, which is the average amount of time you expect someone to invest.

Designing An Effective Lead Capture

As a marketer, the ultimate goal of your quiz should be to capture leads. Add a form to your quiz to capture your audience’s contact information in exchange for their results, but don’t forget these simple rules to optimize your lead capture opt-in rate:

  • Incentivize Your Lead Capture – Include incentives along with your lead capture. This could be anything from an eBook, a whitepaper, an entry into a free giveaway, or even some marketing advice in a personalized email.
  • Only Ask For Information You’ll Use – Most lead captures ask for an email address. Other brands ask for a first and last name to personalize emails. Never ask for information you won’t use.
  • Be Honest With Your Marketing Strategy – Some might be curious, so tell your audience exactly what you’ll do with their contact information. This is usually highlighted in a privacy policy.



Creating Results That Get Shared

Want to create a quiz that gets shared on social media? Of course you do! Use these helpful tips to create share-worthy results:

  • Deliver Positive Results – It goes without saying, but create results based on truths – just make sure these truths are uplifting. Positive emotions increase the rate of sharing, so aim for results that evoke positive emotions.
  • Use Captivating Images – The first thing people will see when the results to your quiz are shared on social media will be the associated image, so pick an attention-grabbing one.
  • Include A Call-To-Action – Be sure to have a link to your website or a link that prompts others to take your quiz at the results screen.

Let’s Review

Incorporating quizzes into your content marketing strategy provides an opportunity to personalize your brand and increase your social shares. Use these best practices to develop your own quiz and add another low cost tactic to your content marketing toolkit.  

About the Author

JP Misenas is the Content Marketing Director & Audio/Visual Technician/Engineer of Interact, a place for creating entertaining and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about innovative ways to connect with customers and how to build professional, long-lasting relationships with them.

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