How the Newspaper Has Adapted to the Digital World [Infographic]

Recently the Newspaper Association of America¬†(NAA) released a study exploring how people consume local news. It looked at the patterns and motivation of the typical consumer’s usage of different media platforms to access their local newspapers during a typical week.

The results showed that consumers still rely heavily on the information provided by newspapers, and value and trust the content in their local papers. The difference is that in today’s digital world, people access their local papers using different media platforms throughout the day.

The main message to marketers -newspaper articles can play an important role in your content marketing strategy and it’s worth the effort of finding ways to get your articles placed in news publications that appear both in print and online.

Just take a look at the infographic below and you can see that by targeting just print placement, you will miss a large pool of potential consumers who are accessing news sites through their tablets, computers and smartphones for valuable information throughout the day.

There’s a lot of ground to cover. Good thing the mat release has adapted to the digital world too!

How the Newspaper has Adapted to the Digital World [Infographic]

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