How BrandpointHUB Helped Wikimotive’s Editorial Team Scale Its Business

“Switching over to BrandpointHUB has proven invaluable to us.” – Amanda Silva, Managing Editor

Why Google Docs Can’t Support Your Content Strategy

The editorial team at Wikimotive, a digital marketing company working primarily with auto dealerships of all sizes, creates original, high-quality content for client websites to build authority around relevant keywords. Through landing pages, off-site pages, and short-form and long-form blog posts tailored to each client, Wikimotive drives high-converting organic traffic that translates into more foot traffic for its clients’ businesses.

Before BrandpointHUB, “we tracked and scheduled our content using Google Docs,” said Amanda Silva, Managing Editor. As Wikimotive continued to grow and its staff of in-house writers expanded, however, it quickly became clear that the Google Docs system could not keep up with the business’ growth. “I was cross-referencing each writer’s individual calendar in Google Docs against the master editorial calendar, which soon became too tedious,” Amanda said.

Amanda and her team sought alternative content production processes that didn’t involve endless email threads or confusing Google Calendars, but the different content marketing platforms the team tried came up short. Wikimotive was looking for a tool with a robust editorial calendar and clear accountability settings, but “what we found with other platforms was an overall lack of transparency in the content production process, and that the tools were too rigid to work with and complement our own internal processes.”

“We needed a way to assign, review and submit work that didn’t involve endless email threads. That’s where BrandpointHUB came in.”

The Benefits of a Content Marketing Platform

In order to manage content production at velocity without dropping the ball in the process, Wikimotive wanted an organized and very visual way to see where content was in the production process, from creation to review and publishing. As the Managing Editor, Amanda found BrandpointHUB’s revision process particularly beneficial. “It’s very easy for me to see that a writer has submitted content in my dashboard. I can read it, edit it and if there’s something that needs to be fleshed out further, the comment section is really helpful to add notes and assign it back to the writer for revision. It’s just a more seamless process.”

By providing one centralized solution for creating, editing and publishing content, BrandpointHUB eliminated the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets and eliminated confusion, duplicate work, and wasted time. “Switching over to BrandpointHUB has proven invaluable to us. It feels fool-proof and safeguards our process against errors and oversights,” said Amanda. “We are far more effective and efficient.”

Challenges of Creating Content without a CMP

  • Lack of visibility caused confusion on where content was in the workflow
  • Inefficient content production tools put team at risk for missed deadlines
  • Revisions and comments were easily lost in the email overload

Results of Using BrandpointHUB

  • Ability to manage more clients
  • Scalable, efficient content production process
  • Increased internal visibility, accountability and collaboration

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