How Google Now Can Change Your Content Strategy

If you haven’t heard a lot about Google Now, you might want to get a handle on how this new personal assistant tool is going to change how users of Google devices are searching and finding content.

  • When a Google Now user does a search, it will be saved and then fine tuned into a research topic. Google will base this off the search queries the user has done and has clicked into before. The user’s search will appear together with other similar pieces of content. That content will also be sorted in relevant categories: music, video, fresh content, web pages, or other channels that user frequents.
  • It will also set reminders, just like Siri. Example: When a user searches for a TV show or movie, Google Now will ask if you want to set a reminder. This keeps users constantly in front of the content they want to see. As a marketer, this is the sweet spot where you to be.
  • Google Now can also make your location available to your Google+ network. There are some non-creepy uses for this tool. For instance, it could be used as a traffic tool. If you live in a place where traffic can get nasty, this allows your G+ network to know your location and why you are stuck there.

Google Now may not be a new idea. There have always been personal assistants on your computer and mobile device. So where’s the difference? Now Google is compiling all this data and using it to guide search queries on mobile devices.  As a marketer you will need to understand how many of your customers or potential customers are on Google devices, and how many are using Google Now.

If a growing number of your potential customers are using Google Now, it shows that your content needs to be fresh, relevant and compelling …  and in some cases geo-targeted.  This will help your brand and content to get into searches that a user is going to see in a Google Now search.

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